To Whet Your Appetite...

More about Relay for Life later... for now, enjoy our victory. :)

Yes, today is the day...

I don't have much time to write right now, but guess who just called me?

And guess what she had to share with me?
She is no longer neutropenic. Her counts are back in the normal range.

She. Is. Alive. And LOVING it.

Here's to REMISSION. Here's to LIFE.

Serry - I am SO proud of you.

TREATMENT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right! No more CHEMO. No more STEM CELLS. She's DONE!!!

Of course, we still need some prayers over the next few weeks as her numbers drop. They'll head down and hover around zero for awhile--during that time she'll do the fluid, blood, platelet dance. But TREATMENT? Treatment is DONE. :)

Serry just texted me and said she just had her last drop of chemo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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