Just Hit Restart

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well.

The big news this month is that I am moving back to Pullman on Wednesday! I am very excited and so is my family. I have been spending the last month going through my old things and giving a lot of it away to my family and Goodwill. It’s funny how losing 85 lbs. can really change your wardrobe ;).

I’ve finished up on all of my various appointments. I had an MRI on Tuesday and the lesion at the top right of my brain disappeared, so it was just an after affect of the chemo treatments. I’ve been doing lots of PT and am really looking forward to going to the gym at WSU!!

There have been a few setbacks the last few months, so I have felt like one of those punching dummies that keeps righting itself after every blow. I think I will remain upright now as all is going well.

I have been gearing up the last month for my trip back and trying to cram as much life as I can in before I start over in Pullman. It will be great to reconnect with friends there. I am really going to miss the family and friends here on the Westside, but it is good to get back to work.

I had a left accelerator pedal installed in my car Blue so that I can use my more responsive left foot to drive. As it is now, I have been driving by myself for a week now, I Love the Freedom!

Well I still have a whole room to pack so I will update again when I have wireless again and am settled.

Take Care and thanks for reading,

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