Healing is GOOD...

Quick note... Serry got out of the hospital on Sunday. She's home and LOVING IT. Has lots of doctor appointments, just checking things out and watching what's going on inside of her. It sounds like they're going to dial down the chemo a little bit next time to help protect her body. We all appreciate your prayers and support so much!! Thank you!

If you haven't donated already, don't forget about Relay for Life! Click the picture on the right and donate in Serry's name! Let's kick cancer in the can!

Hospital and such

Hi all...
Just to keep you updated - Serry took up temporary residence in the hospital yesterday afternoon. Her counts had bottomed out and she was low on blood, platelets, etc. In fact, as of yesterday, she was down to 100 platelets--when 100,000 is normal!! Yikes!

After a good night of fluids, platelets, blood, and whatever else they could throw at her, her numbers have started climbing. She said she's feeling better and is so thankful for the transfusions!

Leave her a note here to help her keep her spirits up!!

A Blessed (if a Bit Blustery!) Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone - He Is Risen! :)

Serry came home from the hospital the middle of this week... she had to stay to get some of her potassium and electrolyte levels up. She's been home now for several days without crashing--a big blessing! She did have a rough start to the week, though, and felt a bit discouraged. Your notes and comments always help cheer her up and push her on--please keep them coming!

We're getting together today for a quiet Easter dinner. Gentry even came down from school last night for just a quick trip! I'm headed over soon... it'll be good to be together.

May you all have a blessed Easter, today...

Halfway Done With the Chemo Part...

Good evening, everyone...

Serry went into the hospital on Thursday and had chemo Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday was a day off, with today being her transplant day for stem cells. She had a few low numbers, however (like potassium) so she's staying overnight to make sure that her body gets back on track.

I was able to stop by the hospital on Saturday and play a rousing game of Scrabble with Serry. Between her chemo brain and my trying to sound out letters to invent words, we were quite a pair. I was pretty impressed, though - after several hours of playing and laughing, we ended the game with a lonely "U" left. I've never played that well before! :) It was a good evening for me, and I certainly hope for Serr.

We've been having some wonderful weather here (think 70 degrees!) and from the view in Serry's room she can look out and see the gorgeous blue skies, birds flying around, and, I think, a bit of Lake Washington sparkling in the sunshine. I really hope she's feeling better tomorrow to be able to feel the toasty sunshine. If not, it WILL be summer later. :)

Please keep praying for our Serry. She's doing well, and sure is fighting, but this is hard. She needs all the support we can give her. :)

Tomorrow's the day

Tomorrow starts the chemo process... We're rooting for you Serry!!!! Love you so much!

BTW - could we get some extra prayers for Serry's ear? She injured it awhile ago and just found out that her eardrum is ruptured. Ear drums take several months to heal if they decide TO heal... so we need it to decide to heal in the first place, and then to heal quickly. Thanks much!

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