In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb...

Or is it In like a lamb, out like a lion this year? Sure is hard to tell with our weather!!!

There's not a lot to report for you all... Thank you from Serry for all of the birthday wishes. She had a wonderful day and was so grateful that all of you shared it with her! Here's a picture of her birthday night--first time she's been "on the town" since September! This is me, her, and her sister Kaiti. Almost all of us were there--Gentry was in the middle of finals so couldn't make it down.
Serry starts treatment again this coming Thursday. This will be round two of four. I think she's going into it a little better than last time. Last time she was dealing with the recent after-effects of shingles and a sore ear. The shingles have been slowly recovering, and hopefully the pain will continue to diminish. I just got word that this morning she was able to hear out of her bad ear, too!

Leave some love and enouragement here for the next round. I'll keep you updated as I have information!


Yes, that's right, on St. Patrick's Day our Serry turns the big 3-0!!!

Celebrate with us - Give her the best birthday wishes you can!!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SERRY. We love you bunches and bunches. And BUNCHES.


OK - So I'm a little behind here... Serry came home Tuesday! She now has some time to continue recovering from the last chemo before she has to go back in.

In the mean time... think:
Numbers starting with 3...
Irish Bands...

...more on that later!

Yep, She's Still There

All of Serry's counts are still really low, at least as of yesterday. She's got some intense pain going on, so is trying to just keep things quiet and peaceful so she can get through this part. She'll probably be there into this coming week.

Please keep praying for her. She's in pain and would really like to be through this part of it. Let's keep her spirits up! Send her lots of smiles, everyone!

Hospital Visit

Hey all -
I'm a bit behind here, but getting caught up now.

Tuesday night Serry headed up to the hospital because she was starting to hurt and just didn't feel good. They got her settled in the hospital, did lots of tests, and basically determined that what she's feeling is a result of last week's chemo. Her white blood cell count dropped down to .1--which means any issues she's having are exaggerated even more because she has no immune system to fight it off.

The doctors have said she'll spend several days there, so I'm not sure when she's getting released. Every time I talk to someone up there she's sleeping! I think that's good. It gives her body some time to just do it's thing and then start creating more white blood cells!!

So everyone... leave her a quick message, let her know you're thinking of her!

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